Saturday, December 8, 2012

Free blogger event

Free Blog Opp!

Every woman loves the smell and look of roses. Something about them makes a woman's heart melt. Jewelry Candles is launching their very own Wax Roses in January 15, 2013 just in time for Valentines Day!
Here is a special opportunity that you and your fans will love. We will be hosting a giveaway for a dozen Wax Roses ($39.99) on 12/22/2012.
To sign up for this fabulous giveaway, click Here!


Dex Banner said...

Open to US and Canada Residents? DB Mall

Mel Cole said...

oh wow, another version of the jeweled candles opp? nice coz it's waxed roses :D

Jessica Cassidy said...

I love rose Momi JheyLo and thank you for sharing this :-) I will sign up too :-)

Adin B said...

Thank you for sharing this one mommy. I want to sign up as well!

Adin B